Hello There,

My name is Dora, and I am a real weight loss “maratonist”. So far I have lost over 40kg (ca. 88lbs)  and I am totally not done.

I have created this blog to start a conversation about the aspects of weight loss which is usually not talked about. I would like to show you how is the life of an overweight person – from some extra kilos to morbidly obese. I am interested in feelings, questions, problems, challenges, both the positive and negative sides, and changes over time on the journey through the bumpy roads of loosing weight.

Another of my not so hidden goals is to help and inspire others – maybe yourself – who does not have the professional support system to prepare and guide through the emotional ups and downs throughout your weight loss story.

I hope that by opening up to you, you will also have an easier and not so lonely time while going through the different phases and fights of loosing those extra kilograms/pounds.

You will have many challenges, people who seem to be supportive but not really being on your side, and so on. I could continue the list for a while. Yet, your success – especially the long lasting kind! – will only depend on your strength in these situations, if they can break you or you have the power to pull through. This is where I would like to be your safe zone, to give you my strength and energy when yours are about to run out.

Take it! I am giving it to you with love.

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