On my graduation. I was 122kg. (May, 2014)

Visited home in the summer. After 2 years in the US the weight is coming back (2012)

I was quite skinny here, about 92kg. (Christmas, 2015)

After a huge break up. I was so skinny (2015. november)

Becoming a witch (Halloween, 2014)

New hair, new lady (October, 2014)

At the hair dresser (October, 2014)

The Hero of CBA. I was in the loosing weight phase then (2015)

With my birthday bouquet which I have got from my Dad (2015)

Here I was quite happy with my couple of pounds down (2015)

Yummy, because I loved my tommy back then too (1987)

Little Dora is sleeping (1988)

At the Frog Fountain at TCU on my Graduation Day (May 2014)

The "before pic" I was in the start phase again there (Beginning of 2014)

Road Trip to Bánk. It was a heavy summer... (2013)

I gained so much back. Weighted about 115kg back then. (London, 2014)

Before leaving for the US (August, 2010)

With Cecilia Bartoli in the Palace of Arts (2009)

I made a hot feet bath after getting back home through a tunderstorm (late fall, 2008)

In Szentendre. I lost some weight, and the dress is also flattering. (Summer of 2014)

This picture says it all... ( Summer of 2013)

In Szeged. I have lost some weight (2011)

In one year I have gained back 35kg... (November, 2016)

I still did not know what life is. Before getting out from a bad relationship. (November, 2014)

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